Discover Inner Harmony: Joshika Sharma's Holistic Counseling Approach

Experience a holistic approach to mental well-being with Joshika Sharma, an accomplished Counselling Psychologist and Life Coach drawing over 9 years of experience in hospitals, schools and clinics. Through individual, couple, group, and family therapy sessions, Joshika delves into the core of self-relationship. Learn to navigate anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges by cultivating transformative self-awareness. Uncover the path to inner harmony and a more fulfilling life.

Hi, I'm Joshika Sharma

I am a clinically trained Counselling Psychologist and a Certified Life Coach. Over the last 8 years I have worked with individuals belonging to all ages groups through different work settings such as hospitals, schools, and clinics. I take individual, couple, group and family therapy sessions.

While working with clients who had anxiety, depression or relationship issues, one area that I commonly identified as needing the most attention was, 'the relationship that they had with themselves'. The way we treat ourselves opens avenues to how others will likely treat us, how we would appraise a situation, and what coping mechanisms we would adopt to deal with our daily stressors. I believe that, "We see things NOT as they are, but as WE ARE". How we see, talk and feel about ourselves is exactly what we project onto the world, which in turn structures our relationships in all spheres of our lives i.e. home, work and the social space.

Hence, while taking the situational context into account, I facilitate a professional strengthening of the self, subsequently yielding a more productive outlook towards life, resulting in Transformative Self-awareness.

What my clients have to say

... she made me decode the deep rooted patterns in my life and the reasons behind them. I have been able to think with clarity and a different perspective in life...

Ragini, 29

Exercise Physiologist
Bengaluru, India

... she has such a calming vibe that I could even feel it on zoom sessions sat in a different country ... I could hardly speak and suffered IBS, major anxiety issues, insecurities, felt lost but Joshika has changed my life forever ...

Rashmi Rai, 38

Operations Manager
London, UK

I am deeply grateful to Joshika for her amazing counsel and support in assisting me in overcoming my severe anxiety and greatly improving my life.

Prateek, 22

Software Engineer
Bengaluru, India

... I have always liked Joshika's approach on helping me figure out the solutions rather than directly advising me. The techniques and tools she has enabled me with, will stay with me forever ...

Smita, 28

Accounts Manager, Sales
Mumbai, India